Belgian workshops on safe reporting

Although Belgium lacks a formal protocol on safe reporting, opportunities to enable it do exist. We share them in workshops aimed at social workers, administrators, policy advisors, police and volunteers.

We bring stories to the press

Various crime victims, accompanied by Safe Reporting project coordinators, share their cases on radio and print media in Catalonia.

VISA RoC partners present project findings in joint webinar with the C-MISE Network

Barcelona – VISA RoC and C-MISE (City Initiative on Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe), a knowledge-exchange programme supporting European cities in sharing knowledge on city practices and policies responding to the presence of migrants with irregular status in their area, conducted an online joint webinar on 24 October 2023.   The aim of the webinar was to discuss the findings of the Safe Reporting project with the wider C-MISE network. Following the presentations by the cities of Barcelona, Utrecht, Gent and Milan, participants engaged in an interactive discussion about safe reporting practices and potentials in each of the four cities.