Various crime victims, accompanied by Safe Reporting project coordinators, share their cases on radio and print media in Catalonia.

Maria, Lorena, and many others are examples of victims of all kinds of crimes that go unreported due to victims’ fear that this may trigger administrative proceedings that could result in a penalty for being irregularly documented or even deportation from the country.

Their stories would not be known if they remained in the privacy of their lives, thus fueling a reality that remains invisible to the majority of the population.

One of the goals of the Safe Reporting project is to shed light on this issue, share it with the entire community, and raise awareness among as many people as possible. For this reason, a press strategy has been designed to bring the stories of all these individuals to media outlets with the greatest reach at both local and national levels, such as the programs “Les Dones i els Dies” on Catalunya Radio, and “Els matins,” with leading audiences in their time slots, as well as in one of the country’s most widely read newspapers, Diari Ara.