Safe reporting project in



Italian legislation punishes any foreigner who enters or remains on the State’s territory with irregular status and both police officers and public servant have the duty to report their condition since it has criminal relevance. At the same time, there is a protection system based on special residence permits for victims of certain crimes with irregular status, who are at once criminalised as irregular migrants and protected as victims of crime. However, the fear of being reported can lead to migrants’ distrust in approaching public authorities. Social services in Italy play a key role in supporting victims of crimes with an irregular migration status. They set up a safe reporting channel trough which migrants can access inclusion paths leading to a residence permit even without approaching public authorities. Their activity concerns migrants eligible for the issuance of special permit for special protection reasons or special permits for domestic violence. They adopt a multiagency approach that involves the territorial commission for asylum, institutional actors, NGOs, cooperating in the detection of situations of violence against migrants. The protection programme involves arranging for an accommodation, initial reception, literacy and classes in Italian.


The aim of this study is promoting victims with irregular migration status’ equal access to justice, raising awareness of the problem and highlighting available solutions. It will conduct an exploratory in-depth research in Milan and a local communication campaign on the research findings addressed to migrants, NGOs and institutions, also in the perspective of a local partnership for safe reporting options.

The project pays special attention to irregular female migrants, who are particularly exposed to various forms of gender-based violence (such as physical violence, sexual exploitation and abuse, female genital mutilation, forced marriages…) and trafficking of human beings. However, the practical benefits of the project embrace all migrants with irregular status, as well as NGOs, municipal authorities, police officers and other agents such as lawyers and NGO workers.



REPORT L’accesso alla giustizia per le vittime di reato con status migratorio irregolare in Italia: Percorsi di denuncia sicura nella città di Milano [Italiano] [English