In Europe, many people are afraid of reporting the crimes they suffer.

They are people with irregular migration status who do not report crimes they suffer fearing that this will trigger disciplinary proceedings that could cause their expulsion.

The Safe Reporting project wants to put a spotlight on this and promote mechanisms to guarantee equality in the access to justice in the European Union countries.



Increase the understanding of what safe reporting of crime entails in the case of undocumented victims, which requirements need to be taken into account from a gender-based perspective and what kind of cooperation is needed to grant safe reporting options.

Increase the knowledge of EU and national tools and measures, as well as international duties regarding the rights of undocumented victims.

Due to the project’s local approach, improving the conditions for safe reporting of crime at local level in four important cities in EU.

Increasing and improving the cooperation between local authorities and professionals; and between the local level and other competent tiers of government to enhance effective safe reporting.



Utrecht University